Improve Your Online Business With This Easy Method

It doesn’t matter if your website is the type that offers a product to your visitors or the type that renders simple services, you need a surefire method to consistently drive traffic to it. A very good method to increase your website visibility on Search Engine Result Pages is to figure out how you can start creating promotional articles that you can be posting to article submission directories, you can call it article marketing. It’s truly a simple method that you can use to start driving more traffic to your website and increase sales.

Search Engine Optimization, popularly referred to as SEO, is very vital because it is the best method to drive traffic to your website by making it visible on top search engines like Google so that anyone searching for a keyword relating to your niche can easily find your website. Article Marketing is one of the best methods to promote your website because it’s not just about SEO (getting back links from your articles) you will also be receiving direct traffic to your website from your articles.

When you start an article marketing campaign for your website you will discover how effective it can be, a well written article that is submitted to a top article directory can drive traffic to your website forever. Take a look at this little stats – If you can be submitting one article every 3 days to a top article submission website like EzineArticles, this will give you ten articles per month, a well written article can get up to 200 views per month and over 30% of your readers will visit your website. You will get up to six hundred visitors on your first month with this formula, the number of visitors you get from your submitted articles will always keep increasing if you can stay consistent with your 3-day posting routine.

Article marketing started gaining maximum exposure when major internet entrepreneurs began to understand the great advantages and benefits it can offer to their online business. News editors started frequenting article submission directories for latest updates and some articles started going viral in the process, fetching lots of traffic to the author’s website. When you submit a well written article to a top article directory, it can also go viral.

If done properly, article marketing will definitely increase the visibility of your website on the internet. You don’t need to depend on the services of an SEO company to increase your website visibility on Search Engine Result Pages, if you don’t have enough time to write and submit articles then you can get a freelance writer to write and submit them to your preferred article directory.

All you need to do when hiring a freelance writer for your articles is to provide your keywords and give them up to 24 hours to do their job. Some may take up to 48 hours but I can say it all depend on your agreements.

Actually, there are lots of companies on the web now that will help write your articles and submit them to article directories. In a day or two your articles will be visible throughout the web and your website traffic stats will start increasing.

You’ll also get a lot of quality back links from your submitted articles. Some article Marketing companies may charge between $10 per un-posted article to as much as $1,500 or more per posted article, it all depends on what you want them to help you do.

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of article marketing without paying nobody, then I suggest you grab your pen and start writing and submitting your own articles to top directories. You can be writing and submitting 2-3 unique posts to an article directory every week.

Whether your website is big or small, you can always increase your traffic with the help of article marketing.

Take Note Of These Things When Starting An Online Business

Starting an online business can be very exciting and a little bit stressful. In some cases you may not be able to comprehend what to do or you may have a lot of things that you need to do but you don’t actually know where to start from. Here is a list of some things that you should take note of and try to do them within your first few weeks of starting your online business.

Build A Website

Building a website is no longer difficult nowadays, there are lots of website templates available on the web that can make the whole process of designing a website easier for anybody, you can take advantage of any of these templates to create your website. The fact is every internet business needs a website to make it complete. It’s likewise a huge approach to showcase your business on the web. Your business website doesn’t really need to look big and professional from the start, you will definitely be updating it as time goes on and very soon it will arrive at that professional level you crave for.

Tell Everyone Around Your Neighborhood About Your New Business

Now that you’ve started your online business you have to inform everyone around you about your new business venture. A few individuals are somewhat anxious about telling people around them that they’re into a new business. Charity begins at home, so you have to let everyone around you be aware of the fact that you have an online business and also explain the kind of products or services you render through your platform, some of them may even become your client or they might refer somebody else to you. This is a very good business strategy and I urge every internet business entrepreneur to take advantage of it. You can print some complimentary cards containing the URL and description of your website and give it to your friends and close neighbors.

Learn To Pen Down Your Plans

A lot of plans will definitely be running through your head in your early days of starting your online business, you have to write them down so you don’t forget. Writing down your business plans will also help you to recognize those ones that deserve a higher priority, this will also help you when setting targets on how to achieve those plans. So make a rundown of all your business plans starting from the major ones, and let it keep on rolling till you get to the minor ones. You can write your plans on a blank sheet of paper and hang it on a wall where you can easily see it and be persuaded by it all the time even on those days when you don’t feel like working.

Add Your Colleagues To Your List

Starting up your mailing list from scratch is no joke, if you have a plan of building a rich mailing list for your online business then I’ll advice you to start working on it from day 1. Building a mailing list is a little bit difficult and frustrating especially when you are yet to get your first subscriber. Encouraging your close friends to subscribe to your mailing list is a very good way to gain your first subscribers, this strategy can fetch up to 10 subscribers to your mailing list. After getting those around you to subscribe to your list you can now take the next step by improvising ways to get your visitors to drop their emails, give out a free stuff on your website and persuade your visitors to drop their emails so they can get it sent to their inbox.

Know Your Competitors

Your competitors are those other online business websites that offer products or services that are similar to yours. It will do you a lot of good if you can build a connection with anyone of those websites on the same niche with you, you will learn a lot of things from such relationship that can help your business grow faster. Studying your competitors can also help you stay focused and determined, they will give you the motivation you need to do more. So ensure you discover and always analyse your major competitors.

To your online business success.